Quincey Jr was born on December 27th 2013 a mere 3 months early from his due date. He wasn’t due until March 27 2014. Born at 27 weeks weighing 2lbs 5oz. Three years earlier I had another premature baby at 24 weeks weighting in at 1lb 7oz, Arianna who is now 7.

The evening of December 26th 2013 I was admitted to St. Peters Hospital. While being evaluated I was constantly having contractions. To stop contracting the doctors gave me magnesium sulfate but 2 hours later I quickly progressed and had to have an emergency c section due to Quincey being in a breached position.

Quincey was born and we heard him cry! I was able to briefly give him a kiss before nurses took him to the NICU where he stayed for 69 days! During those days he was in an incubator and cpap (oxygen given in his nose to help him breath) because he was too small to breath on his own. The doctors also gave him a PEG (tube inserted in his mouth to his stomach) to be able to feed him.

Once he was big enough to come home, he wanted nothing more than to eat! He started to develop extreme eczema all over his body. I had to quickly adjust my diet since he was strictly breastfed. His soy and dairy allergies limited his food to a particular diet. As he got older he wasn’t hitting his milestones that a child his age would. He had many tests done including MRI, CAT scan, genetic testing and others. Within a few months’ time he was diagnosed with microcephaly, muscular hypertonicity (high and low muscle tone), global developmental delay, and a sleep disorder. His sleeping has improved but he still has difficulty going back to sleep by himself. One method Quincey does to self sooth by rocking back and forth. Usually falling asleep laying in his lap.

With doctors recommendations he started Early Intervention. He received physical therapy, occupational therapy, and developmental interventionist. After all his hard work with Early Intervention he finally starting sitting up independently right before he was 2 years old soon after attempting to crawl after his second birthday. Since it was so hard for him to walk independently, his physical therapist recommend SMO orthotics. At 26 months he took his first independent steps with his SMO’s. He also soon began speech therapy with a few words and babbling.

Today Quincey is now 4 and attempting to walk up and down the stairs with assistance. He has tendencies to toe walk. He has many food allergies including dairy, soy, egg and gelatin. He recently started repeating lots of words. Quincey loves music, basketball and football. Most of all he loves playing with his big sister. He is a fun loving energetic little boy! We are truly blessed with him and how far he has come in these 4 short years.

We are greatly humble that Shannon Daley Memorial Fund has selected Quincey Jr and our family during this time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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