February 2011
Joey is continuing to amaze all of us with his recent growth. Thanks to the help from the Shannon Daley Fund we are able to get Joey the help he desperately needed with speech and feeding and although he is still having some struggles his achievements are wonderful.

Since last year Joey has started specialized preschool at Three Bridges School and is starting to actively participate in classroom activities. His communication skills have greatly improved and he is now using 3-4 word sentences and telling us what he wants or doesn’t want.

His health has improved enough for him to go to daycare daily and aside from his day of therapy he enjoys playing with children his own age all day. We are looking forward to celebrating his 4th birthday with his friends at The Little Gym in February, something we weren’t sure we would be able to do for a few more years.

This last year has been one of great strides for Joey as he continues his journey from being a micro-preemie. The help we have gotten from the Shannon Daley Fund has allowed us to concentrate on Joey’s recovery as opposed to juggling his necessities. We can’t wait to see everyone soon and show them how far he has come in such short of time.

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