Reagan was the BB game recipient in 2018. It’s been a blessing to be a part of the Shannon Daley Family who have become lifelong friends. Since 2018, Reagan has faced many mobility and hearing challenges. In March 2020, she underwent cochlear implant surgery which has given her a whole new world. She now loves music and was in an Annie play in December 2023. Reagan also has had fine motor challenges over the years. After extensive nerve tests, she was diagnosed with neuropathy in March of 2023. She cannot feel her feet and has a thin optic nerve. She now wears glasses to help control her eye movements and vision. Her most recent update from the doctors proved that she no longer has muscle weakness because of all the physical therapy and hippotherapy she has participated in thanks to the SDMF over the last 4 1⁄2 years. They believe her condition is a genetic condition that they have yet to find. Reagan continues to use her walker when fatigued but is still very determined to be the strongest, best version of herself. Nothing holds her back and she continues to amaze us with her strength to succeed at all she tries.

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