June 2010
We cannot thank the Shannon Daley Memorial Fund and its generous donors enough for the help they gave us. Although we eventually lost our home, we were spared the disruption until after the bulk of the medical crisis was over. Losing a home and getting to keep George, however, was and is a bargain. George is in full remission from his neuroblastoma stage 4S hemorrhagic, and although he is minus a kidney, he is a dynamic, outgoing little boy who will proudly attend Good Shepherd Christian Academy (just ask him; he’ll tell you). Thomas, while still severely impaired by his autism, is making vast progress and is now becoming at last verbal and potty trained. The therapists he works with have us optimistic that over time he might lose most or all of the symptoms of his autism. Our family is committed to continually support the Shannon Daley Memorial Fund as we are able and we encourage those who cared enough to help us in our time of need to continue to support the new families. It makes a huge difference.

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