JUNE 2011
Our twin boys, Calahan and Tyler, were two of the lucky recipients of the 2010 Shannon Daly Fund. The Shannon Daley Fund has allowed us to purchase much needed equipment and communication devices for both boys. Calahan has a fancy, new seating chair which allows him the opportunity to do so many things we take for granted. He can now sit at the table and eat dinner with the rest of the family, be lowered to floor level so he can pet his beloved dog Simba, or just relax comfortably and play on the computer or watch TV. Calahan also has a new stander and bathing system. The Ipad we purchased has allowed both boys to communicate in ways we never thought possible. Tyler loves to tell us what he would like to do and eat all through the use of the Ipad. Calahan loves to read books and play games we have downloaded. We are so grateful for the generosity of the Shannon Daley Fund and allowing are boys these fantastic new devices. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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