Trevor is one of the most fun-loving, brave, inspirational 12 year old boys that I know. The reason I say one of is because during Trevor’s Journey we have met too many Brave and inspirational boys and girls just like him.

Trevor’s Journey started one Unforgettable Day on June 16th 2016. That is the day that forever changed us. That is the day we found out that our son had cancer, B-ALL Leukemia to be exact and that he would be going through three and a half years of grueling chemo treatments. I don’t think it ever really fully sinks in when you hear your child has cancer. My heart broke that day, and it continued breaking through the first two and a half years of endlessly living in the hospital.

Watching my son sometimes fight so hard for his life. His body being so beat down that he couldn’t even sit up on Christmas morning to open his own presents. Spending every holiday and birthday in the hospital. Then add the grueling chemo treatments. Oh boy are they rough.

Trevor happens to be a child whose body hates the chemo drugs. Not that any child’s body should like those harmful drugs but Trevor happens to experience many bad side effects. Things I wish I never had to see my child struggle to go through. Things no human should ever have to go through. Twice he experienced something called mucositis. The second time was so bad it ran through his entire digestive system. It was like his entire insides were burned with a blowtorch. That was when he slept through three full weeks on a morphine drip just to give his poor little body the healing time it need it. And let’s not mention the chemo drug that gave Trevor blood clots in his sinus cavity. The endless painful two needles a night for over a year until the blood clots dissolved.

I think the absolute worst for Trevor are the endless spinal taps with chemo that lay him up for about 2 weeks at a time and come with excruciating migraines. Thank God we now only have to experience those every 3 months, but there was a time they were weekly.

The one true Miracle out of all of it though is that no matter how bad things have gotten Trevor has always kept his smile and his laughter I am forever grateful to all the new friends and family that we have made along the way that have helped to keep that smile on Trevor’s face

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